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Program Options

Career Program Degree and Certificate

There are two options to choose from in the legal studies field:

Legal Studies A.A.S. (Plan 22PA)

Choose the Associate in Applied Science (A.A.S.) option if you have not yet earned a college degree. The courses required include legal specialty courses as well as general education courses that will enhance this career.

If you complete one or two courses per semester, you can earn the associate degree in approximately 10 semesters. If you attend full time, you can earn it in four semesters.

Legal Studies Certificate (Plan 22PB)

Choose this option if you have already earned a college degree. The certificate consists almost entirely of legal specialty courses including legal research and writing, litigation and electives in specific areas such as family law, real estate, probate, corporations, immigration law, law office technology and torts.

Please submit a Legal Studies screening form if you intend to obtain your Legal Studies Certificate.

Complete one or two courses per semester, and complete the certificate in four or five semesters. Attend full time, and complete the certificate in three semesters.

Specialty Courses

The Legal Studies Department at CLC offers legal specialty courses in the most marketable areas such as: Litigation, Real Property Law, Corporate and Securities Law, Bankruptcy Law, Family Law, Probate Law, Criminal Litigation, Law Office Technology, and Immigration Law.

Choose the right elective courses for your career goals and see which semesters the courses are offered. View our Recommended Elective Course Concentrations and Schedule of Course Rotations (PDF) for a list of elective courses recommended by local attorneys and paralegals for careers specific legal employment settings.