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What Students Say

“I chose the medical imaging career because the human body and its mechanisms fascinate me. Within CLC’s program, the clinical experience teaches you how hospitals work and it helped me gain an inside perspective of the medical field. Your classmates at clinical sites become your family, and you get to see where your strengths and weaknesses are and applying what you have learned in the classroom to a real-life situation. You also learn how to work with patients, coworkers and doctors. Watching other technologists perform exams in different ways, and hearing why they do so, gives you great insight in how to think creatively in unique situations. It’s a great feeling knowing that you’ve acquired a powerful set of skills that can improve someone’s life.”

Dani Squires, 2015 Medical Imaging graduate

“I was attracted to a medical imaging career when I had a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scan for my back. When the technologist let me into the control room and showed me my images, I was fascinated at what I saw, and it sparked my curiosity. After taking an introductory medical imaging taught by Joe Dielman at CLC, I was hooked, and I had the confidence that I could complete the program. The clinical experiences were eye-opening because dealing with people is not something that can be taught in a textbook. At clinicals, you learn and practice critical-thinking skills. The most rewarding part of my job is working with patients and knowing that my images could possibly help a radiologist make a life-saving diagnosis.”

Rob Kniskern, 2015 graduate

What Clinical Partners Say

“A medical imaging career requires thinking on your feet, mentally multi-tasking, troubleshooting and most of all, relating to each of your patients in order to provide them with the best possible diagnostic exam and medical experience possible. It is an exciting, ever-changing field. Graduates from CLC’s program are typically very prepared to start their medical imaging career. They have been given the tools and knowledge to perform a wide variety of diagnostic exams.”

Sarah Goodman, radiologic technologist and clinical instructor, NorthShore Highland Park Hospital