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Mission Statement

The members of the Mathematics Department are dedicated to providing mathematics education of the highest quality to their students and to meeting the many educational needs of their students.

To maximize student success, the Mathematics Department is committed to the following:

  1. Working collaboratively with other services and departments to ensure proper advisement and placement of students in mathematics courses.
  2. Using technology in pedagogically sound ways to enhance the students' learning experiences.
  3. Providing diverse learning experiences and offering multiple avenues of learning. While taking a mathematics course, a student may be asked to do group work, complete writing assignments, participate in discovery and investigatory exercises, complete take-home activities, or give presentations.
  4. Staying current in their field and maintaining connections with other colleagues.

diverse curriculum is offered, including the following:

  1. Traditional university/college-level transfer courses in mathematics and mathematics-computer science. These courses are equivalent to freshman and sophomore-level university courses and are designed to prepare students for further study in mathematics, computer science, engineering, natural and physical science, business, social science, education or liberal arts.
  2. Technical mathematics courses in support of the technical curriculum at the college.
  3. Developmental mathematics courses for students whose background in mathematics is insufficient for them to take the courses required to meet their personal goals.

To maximize student accessibility, the Mathematics Department is committed to offering courses through multiple delivery modes, at a variety of times and at different locations.

  1. Each campus offers mathematics courses.
  2. Mathematics courses are offered during the day, evening, and on weekends.
  3. In addition to traditional instruction, some courses are taught using online instruction, hybrid instruction (online instruction combined with traditional instruction) or individualized/self-paced instruction.