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Associate Transfer Degree

The transfer degree is typically completed in two years and provides the foundation for a bachelor’s degree at a 4-year institution.

  • Mathematics A.S. (Plan 11AB)

See also: Teaching in Secondary Mathematics

Deciding Which Math Course to Take

Depending on your program of study, and your level of skill in mathematics, you will take different math courses.

Thumbnail Image of Math Course Sequence GuideThe Math Course Sequence by Program of Study (PDF) guide may help you sort out the sequence of courses to take as well as the prerequisites required. Where you start in the sequence will depend upon the prerequisites you meet and/or how you score on the CLC Math Placement Test. Please see a math advisor early in your program to discuss which math courses you should take.

View recommended courses for your program.

Tentative Schedule of Course Offerings

  1. An "X" in a column indicates the course is typically offered that semester.
  2. Math courses not listed below are typically offered all three semesters.
Course Number Fall Spring Summer
MTH 115 X X
MTH 117 X X
MTH 118 X
MTH 224 X X
MTH 225 X
MTH 227 X X
MTH 244 X

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