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About the Welding and Fabrication Technology Program

About the Program Video Description

Looking for a hands-on career that literally makes sparks fly? Check out CLC’s Welding program! This 90-second video takes you into our Welding lab for an up-close look at skills learned in this career. Jeff Hines, department chair, describes the career opportunities and CLC's certificate programs.

Welding is the art or craft of actually joining metals together through a process of heating, and allowing that metal to flow from one component to another. Welding truly is an art form. Someone that would find an interest in welding would be someone that loves art and wants to create something out of brass or bronze.

We have many students that are currently employed as welders, machinists, fabricators; and quite a few students that are looking to gain entry-level employment. Students are welding projects, constantly receiving feedback and interaction with the instructor on a variety of equipment that is found throughout the industry; equipment that they would expect to run and use on the job, either as a maintenance worker or as a full-time welder. We will never not need welders in the United States. There are always going to be employment opportunities. So the variety is there, if somebody is looking for an exciting and challenging career. The students in our program love their time in the lab, joining metal and creating something with their hands.

The welding program at the College of Lake County is a certificate program comprised of certificates in general welding, TIG welding, MIG welding and arc or stick welding. Learn about career opportunities and CLC's certificate programs.