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Job Fairs

CLC Job Fairs

  • Fall and Spring Job/Internship Fairs: Employers from specific industries are available each month to provide information on part-time, full-time jobs and internships.

Upcoming Job Fairs

Tips for Success

Job fairs provide an opportunity for networking with several employers at one event. Follow this checklist for getting the most out of a job fair.

  • Find out which companies will be participating. Participating companies are usually listed on the website created for the job fair.
  • Conduct research by visiting the websites of participating companies. Identify the five to seven participating employers that align best with your career goals. Develop questions to ask the recruiters from these companies.
  • Update your resume to make sure it includes the experience that is most relevant to the employers you have identified.
  • Prepare your “elevator speech.” This is a concise statement that conveys why an employer should be interested in you.
  • Dress appropriately for the job fair. At College of Lake County job fairs, most attendees wear business professional attire-- suits for both men and women.
  • At the job fair, approach employers with a firm handshake and introduce yourself. During your conversation, ask questions about the organization and the available positions. At the end of the conversation, hand your resume to the employer and ask for his or her business card.
  • After the job fair, send a thank you note or email to the employers you were interested in. If for some reason, you could not connect with a desirable employer during the job fair, send an email expressing your interest and regret that you did not have an opportunity to meet at the event.