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Student Employment Program

There are many great job opportunities for students right here at College of Lake County! Whether you are looking to develop workplace skills, maximize your financial aid, or are seeking additional income, CJPC has an opportunity for you.

Student Employment at CLC

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Income. You are paid directly, and can use your earnings as you see fit

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Flexibility. Having to choose between a job and a degree is no choice at all. Student employees are able to schedule their work around classes instead of the other way around.

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Location. Tired of the commute from your job to campus? Save time and money by working where your classes are.

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Experience. Get a jump start to your career and begin building a strong resume with work experience from student employment.

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Networking. Build meaningful relationships with peers and mentors that can help you land the career you want.

Students can secure employment through 3 different programs:

Federal Student Employment (FSE)

Funding from the federal government that students may be awarded after completing the FAFSA. It is paid out to students as an hourly wage when they secure a student employment position.

Institutional Student Employment (ISE)

Funding from the College of Lake County that can be used to pay student employees regardless of their eligibility for FSE.

College Student Employment (CSE)

Also funding from College of Lake County, but is used for specifically for student employment positions during the summer.

You are eligible if you:

  • Are a current student enrolled in 6 or more credit hours
  • Have a 2.0 GPA or greater if you have been enrolled for more than 1 semester

You stay eligible if you:

  • Maintain at least 6 credit hours
  • Meet or exceed a 2.0 GPA
CJPC Student Employee Spotlight 

Student Employee John B. John B. says, "Being a tutor for CLC in the Writing Center has been the most rewarding job I have ever had. When you're going to school to get your first degree, there aren't always a lot of jobs available. Before my position as a peer-tutor was offered to me, I found myself choosing between working in the restaurant or retail industries. Being a peer-tutor for the last four semesters has allowed me to meet new people from many different backgrounds and bond over the joy that writing can exude."

Kim Voss, Johnny’s supervisor says, "Johnny is a great addition to our Writing Center staff. Students can discuss their writing and ideas easily with Johnny because of his patient and laid back style. He has a wonderful sense of humor, which everyone enjoys, students and fellow tutors alike. We're happy to have him working with us while he continues his studies at CLC."

Congratulations and great job John B.!
We wish you continued success in your education and career path!

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