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Hire an Apprentice

CLC's apprenticeship programs offer employers like you the opportunity to strengthen and build your workforce and provide a tailored high-quality talent pipeline. Through this structured "Learn and Earn" program, students earn a set of skills that meet your specific needs using a flexible learning approach with guidance from a mentor.

Employer Benefits

Apprenticeships help employers develop highly-skilled employees. These programs also reduce turnover rates and increase productivity and loyalty. In addition, this strategy allows experienced employees to pass on their knowledge. Through apprenticeships, your company can:

Employer talking to apprentice
  • Build a talent pipeline for highly-skilled employees with industry credentials
  • Reduce turnover and cost of recruiting
  • Invest in talent that can keep pace with the latest industry advances
  • Find a solution for workforce retirements of highly-skilled and experienced workers
  • Create “home grown” talent teach the “Company Way”
  • Create a career pathway for employees
  • Encourage apprentices to play a role in future recruiting of talented employees
  • Receive a tax credit for employing a Registered Apprenticeship (starting January 1, 2020 for Illinois employers)  

Launch an Apprenticeship Program

If you'd like to explore an apprenticeship program for your company, please fill out the Employer Interest Form (PDF) and email Our team will reach out to discuss your area of interest and program objectives to help you get started. CLC will provide you with a customized curriculum and apprenticeship guidelines and support you and your apprentice/s through a successful program completion.

For more information, contact:

Daniel Ortego
Apprenticeship Manager
Career & Job Placement Center, Room C111
19351 W. Washington St.
Grayslake, IL
(847) 543-2059

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