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About Internships

The College of Lake County defines an internship as “a form of experiential learning that integrates the knowledge and theory learned in the classroom with practical application and skills development in a professional setting.”

Internships benefit students and employers. Students benefit by gaining valuable work experience and forming professional connections; employers benefit by having an opportunity to guide and evaluate talent that may serve their future employment needs.

Internships Provide:

  • Temporary employment (typically a semester).
  • Paid, unpaid, or credit based (EWE courses).
  • Primarily student learning; some employer benefit.
  • New skills through completion of projects.
  • Development of talent pipeline, assist with projects (Does not fill normal employee role).
  • Employer mentorship and guidance.
  • Essential employability skills (i.e., communication, teamwork, project management, etc.) - EWE 120.
CJPC Internship Spotlight 

Tomas SagartzTomas Sagartz started at CLC in fall 2020. He is studying bioinformatics and computational biology, an interest he discovered during his time in the IT bridge prerotational apprenticeship.

"I had never worked in a company setting before... This experience taught me how to interact with coworkers, ask for help, work as a team and interact with a lot of different people."

He won the Two-Year College Student Achievement Award in January after his employer nominated him. The recognition boosted Sagartz's confidence and has driven him to look for more opportunities.

Congratulations and great job Tomas S.!
We wish you continued success in your education and career path!

Read more internship spotlight stories (PDF)

How Internships Work:

Internships must:

  • Provide a learning experience that allows the student to apply the knowledge gained in the classroom to a work setting.
  • Result in skills or knowledge that are transferable to other employment settings.
  • Have a defined beginning and end as well as a position description with desired qualifications.
  • Have clearly defined learning objectives/goals that relate to the student’s coursework.
  • Provide guidance and supervision by an appropriate, qualified employee who will assign career-related, progressive and challenging duties.
  • Include routine feedback by the supervisor.
  • Involve employer-provided resources, equipment and facilities that support learning goals/objectives.
  • Be conducted at an acceptable professional location.
  • Have a student rather than employer focus. The intern must not be assigned the work an employee would otherwise routinely perform.

Are you eligible for an internship?

Required Qualifications:

  • Must have completed at least nine (9) CLC credit hours
  • Must have a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.25
  • Faculty Sponsor Approval (only for EWE 220 and 270 course)

Earn Credit for Your Job Experience

At CLC, you can earn credits for an Educational Work Experience. Visit Career and Job Placement Center to learn about individualized learning experience through the linking of an academic program to a structured employment setting. Multiple options are available, depending on your internship and your academic plan. EWE 220 Internship I (1-3 credits) or EWE 270 Internship II (1-3 credits) courses can be repeated up to a total of 12 credits hours. Co-requisite: EWE 120  


Student intern with CLC and LMT representatives

In photo (L to R): Gina Smith, CLC Business Industry Coordinator; Dr. Sylvia Johnson Jones, CLC Executive Director for Career and Job Placement Center; Jokym P., CLC student apprentice; Leslie B., LMT President; Debbie S., LMT HR manager; and Brenan G., LMT Vice President.

How to Arrange an Internship

  1. Go to LancerJobLink to create an account and upload your resume as a Microsoft Word document.
  2. Meet with a Career Specialist to review your internship search materials and establish your search strategies. Contact the Career and Job Placement Center for an appointment.
  3. Search for internship opportunities on LancerJobLink and the other websites recommended to you during your meeting with the Career Specialist.
  4. Apply for any internship that aligns with your career goals.
  5. When you obtain an internship, notify the Career Specialist by contacting the Career and Job Placement Center by phone or email.

Internships are for the Employers/Companies that:

  • Have the capacity to provide training and supervision
  • Willing to invest time in supervision and mentoring
  • Have a current and long term hiring need

For more information, contact:

Career & Job Placement Center, Room C111
19351 W. Washington St.
Grayslake, IL
(847) 543-2059


Intern Talk Program - Career and Job Placement Center

CLC students share their experience as interns.

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