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Parking Guide and Motorist Assistance

Designated parking areas have been established on campus for use by students, faculty, staff and visitors. All students, faculty, staff and visitors are asked to abide by the following parking rules and regulations as established by the College of Lake County Police Department.

Parking Regulations

All vehicles must be parked on pavement between the yellow parking lines. Parking on roadways, sidewalks or parking lot traffic lanes is not permitted. Students are not allowed to park in the areas designated for faculty, staff and visitors. Faculty and staff must display a parking permit to park in any posted staff parking areas. The CLC Police Department is empowered to enforce parking regulations

Handicap Parking

Handicap parking is available throughout the campus. Use of a handicap parking space requires the display of a window permit or state issued handicap license plate. Temporary handicap permits are available from the College of Lake County Health Center. Permits issued by the CLC Health Center are only valid on the college campuses.

Driving Regulations

All drivers must obey CLC regulations as well as all state laws and local regulations. Posted speed limits are strictly enforced. Please reduce speed for construction, adverse conditions or pedestrians/cyclists in or crossing the roadway. The CLC Police Department is empowered to enforce traffic regulations.

Parking Citations Appeal

Citations for parking violations may be appealed to the CLC Police Department. The appeal must be filed within five business days from the date the citation is issued or the right to appeal is presumed waived.

To appeal a parking citation obtain and return an appeal form to the CLC Police Department.

Lakeshore Campus Parking Information

Parking for students, staff and visitors is available in the College of Lake County’s parking facility located at 30 N. Sheridan Road. A CLC parking permit is required to park in this garage. This permit can be obtained at the reception desk on the first floor of 33 N. Genesee.

All vehicles and pedestrians need to vacate the parking lot by closing hours as it will remain locked until 7 a.m.

Effective Friday, November 17, 2017 – New security procedures for the LSC parking garage will go into effect. This will involve the garage being completely secured during the overnight hours. The LSC parking garage will reflect the opening and closing schedule as noted on posted signage throughout the garage. Vehicles that remain within the garage after closing can be accessed the following college business day.