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Addressing Academic Concerns

Make a Report

Please complete the online CLC Academic Concerns Form. To access the form, login to the myCLC portal, then select the CLC Academic Concerns Form option located on the left-hand menu.

For additional assistance, please contact the appropriate division office:

Note: all offices are located on the Grayslake Campus.

Procedure for Academic Concerns

Students shall have a procedure by which they can address their academic concerns. The evaluation shall be conducted in accordance with written procedures which shall be distributed to all faculty.

  1. Initiated within six months from the time the action occurred which caused the student a concern, the student discusses the concern and if possible resolves the matter with his or her instructor. If the concern is not immediately resolved and the student wishes to bring his/her concern to the appropriate Dean, the student will provide the Dean with a written statement of the concern and his/her position.

  2. At the student’s request, the Dean, or designee, will meet with the instructor and the student.

    After meeting with the student and instructor, the Dean reviews the concern which may involve consulting with other faculty or staff members appropriate to the situation. The Dean also has the instructor write a statement of his/her position, including supporting rationale.

    Within 15 days of meeting with the student, the Dean renders a decision, which will include his/her rationale for the decision. The Dean will send his/her final decision to the student in writing with a copy to the Vice President, Educational Affairs.

  3. If the student wishes to appeal the Dean's decision, the student must submit a written statement indicating his/her concern, the desired outcome and the rationale, and supporting documentation to the Vice President, Educational Affairs.

    Upon receipt of the student’s concern, the Vice President, Educational Affairs will collect necessary documentation including instructor’s statement from the appropriate Dean. The Vice President, Educational Affairs will review the supporting documentation and develop his/her final decision. The Vice President, Educational Affairs will make a decision within fifteen (15) days after receipt of the student’s request and shall inform the student of his/her decision in writing. The decision of the Vice President, Educational Affairs will be the final decision of the College of Lake County.