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Steps for Receiving Accommodations

  1. Submit an application for admission to CLC.
  2. Complete a Disability Services Application Form (PDF).
  3. Submit your documentation and completed Disability Services application.
    • Bring your information to the Access and Disability Resource Center (ADRC) in Room B171 on the Grayslake Campus. Your information may also be submitted by fax to (847) 543-3055 or by email.
  4. Register for classes then contact ADRC to let us know you are registered.
  5. Attend an Instructor Notification Form (INF) meeting.
    • The Access and Disability Resource Center will contact you by phone or letter to schedule an appointment. You will begin receiving services after you have had this meeting.
    • Students will be provided a written decision on their accommodation/modification request by the ADRC, either at the time of meeting with an ADRC specialist for their Instructor Notification Form (INF), or via email noting their accommodation status.

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