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Steps for Receiving Accommodations

  1. Apply for admission to CLC. After applying, you'll receive CLC login credentials (typically via email, within 1-3 business days). You'll need these credentials to access the Access & Disability Center (ADRC) application.
  2. Gather your supporting disability documentation. You'll need to upload a copy of your documentation to submit during the application process.
  • What documentation is needed?

  1. Complete an online ADRC application. Supporting documentation will be requested as part of the application process. If you choose not to upload documentation when you submit your application, you’ll receive an email with further instructions for uploading documentation at a later time. However, please note that your file will not be reviewed and accommodations will not be provided until supporting documentation has also been uploaded and received.
  2. After your ADRC application and supporting documentation have been submitted, the ADRC team will review the information you submitted to determine your eligibility for accommodations. Files are reviewed in the order in which they are received, and the review process can take up to 10 school days.
  3. Check your CLC student email frequently. After receipt of your online submission of an application and documentation, we’ll contact you at your CLC student email with updates regarding your eligibility/approval for accommodations, and instructions to get any approved accommodations in place. Throughout the process, feel free to contact the ADRC with any questions.
  4. After you’ve been approved for accommodations:
    • If you’ve requested placement testing accommodations, we’ll email you with instructions for accessing them.
    • Once you’ve enrolled in classes, contact the ADRC to set up a brief Zoom meeting. At this meeting, we’ll go over any approved accommodations, answer your questions, and provide you with access to your current accommodations e-paperwork.
    • To renew accommodations for future semesters: You don’t need to re-apply. Each semester, simply contact the ADRC after you’ve enrolled in classes for instructions on getting current e-paperwork for your instructors.
  5. Students may apply for accommodations at any time during the semester. However, please be aware that accommodations are not retroactive.

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