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Our staff maintains the highest privacy standards.

As documentation concerning disabilities is personal and private, it is kept in the Office for Students with Disabilities (OSD), separate from other school records.  The Office for Students with Disabilities does not, and cannot, discuss a student’s disability with anyone without permission from the student. Students are always encouraged to discuss required accommodations with their instructors, however, students are never legally obligated to disclose the disability to their instructor. In matters, where disclosure is seen as a need by the student, OSD will assist as needed being given permission and direction by the student. Students may also sign a release of information form that allows the OSD to provide information to other appropriate professional agencies, CLC instructors and staff, to assist in providing services.

The Office for Students with Disabilities may also work with you to ensure that some offered services, such as note taking, be made anonymous if you so choose. We respect your right to maintain control of your information.