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In-Class Assistants

In some cases, the Access and Disability Resource Center (ADRC) may provide the accommodation of an in-class assistant to a student.  Though rationale for such a need is individual in nature, this accommodation is typically provided if a student would be physically unable to manipulate objects or perform physical tasks given the discipline of a class.  Examples may include a chemistry lab, ceramics or horticulture class.

Differing from a personal assistant, the in-class assistant will not lift, move, transfer, assist with personal care needs, or transport the individual.  They will meet the student at the class, perform their duties which may include set up/tear down of classroom material, raising a hand on behalf of the student’s question, amplify the sound of the student’s voice, or otherwise perform tasks unable to be performed by the student.  These tasks are done on their behalf.  An in-class assistant will not proctor exams.

The in-class assistant will meet with a member of the ADRC, to discuss the individual tasks related to the student, with the student meeting the assistant at a subsequent time.  Assistants are counseled not to answer questions on behalf of the student, correct their answers or responding comments in class, nor otherwise provide duties that would exceed the scope and intent of having this service as an accommodation. The assistant, performing their duties as such, does not provide the student an advantage.

Personal assistants, covering duties exclusive of those mentioned by an in-class assistant, are under the discretion of the student, who bears the responsibility of procuring this individual(s) including all associated costs.