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FAQS for Students that Receive Note-Taking Accommodations

If I am approved for the accommodation of an in class note-taker... do I have to use it?

It is entirely up to you if you want to use your note taking accommodation. If you do not want one, you will want to hold on to the note-taking announcement sheets (take them off of your INF), otherwise your instructor will probably make the announcement that a note-taker is needed in your class.

I am approved for an in class note-taker and only need this accommodation in one of my classes. I do not need a note-taker in any of my other classes. What do I do?

Please make sure you indicate which classes in which a note-taker is needed on your note-taking contract. Also, have your instructor make the note-taking announcement several times in the class where you want to use a note-taker. Do not give the note-taking announcement to the instructors in the classes where you do not want them. You must also inform ADRC so we can enter this important info into our database.

I handed in my INF paperwork to my instructor and they didn’t make the announcement-what should I do?

It is your responsibility to remind the instructor that an announcement should be made several times to the entire class. It may be helpful to e-mail the instructor or remind them before a class starts. Remember, that your instructor probably has a lot on their mind and may be receiving many requests… If after you remind your instructor a couple of times and nothing is done, please come to ADRC and we will reach out to the instructor.

I had my INF meeting a while back and I was approved for a note-taker this semester. But I don’t have note takers. Why don’t I have them yet?

There are a few reasons you may not have them yet…

  • You didn’t fill out a note-taking contract.
  • Your instructor didn’t make the announcement enough times.
  • We are still calling in ADRC.
  • We are waiting on students (prospective note-takers) to get back to us.

Note: Finding a note-taker can be a process that takes time. Your patience is appreciated.

I had a note-taker in a class for a while and was receiving notes, now I am not. What happened and what do I do?

Sometimes note-takers drop the class without letting anyone know. Sometimes something personal happens to the note-taker... if you haven’t seen your note-taker in class, or have noticed you are not receiving notes like you used to, first e-mail and request the notes from your note-taker. If you still do not receive notes, come to ADRC and we will look into this. If necessary, we may have to search for a new note-taker.

Note: Please make sure you are searching for your notes in the correct e-mail account.

If I have a note-taker, do I have to take my own notes and be at every class?

If you have the accommodation of a note-taker, it is your responsibility to be at class on time and to be taking notes to the best of your ability (unless you have discussed something otherwise with ADRC). If you are not, and we hear from your instructor or note-taker, you will lose your note-taker.

I supposedly have a note-taker but I haven’t heard from them and I’m not getting notes. What should I do?

First, make sure you check all of your incoming e-mails (in your CLC account) including the spam, junk and clutter. If you do not see anything, then come to ADRC and we can make sure we have a note-taker secure in the database. If we do, we can reach out to your note-taker. If we do not, we can start looking for one.

Why don’t I have a note-taker?

  • Have you had your INF meeting this semester?
  • Did you fill out your note taking contract?
  • Did you turn in your INF paperwork to your instructor?
  • Did your instructor make the note-taking announcement several times?
  • Are you in a class where an instructor already provides copies of notes?
  • Finally, did you inform ADRC?

Where do I get the note taking announcement forms?

They are typically attached to the INF. If you are needing more, please come to ADRC.

I don’t think the notes I am receiving are any good. What do I do?

Notify ADRC as soon as possible and provide a copy of the notes provided to you. We’d be happy to look them over and decide whether a new note-taker is necessary.

I want my notes typed, what do I do?

A note-taker is not required to type their notes (unless a request has been approved in ADRC).

Why do I have to use my CLC e-mail to receive my notes from my note-taker?

All CLC students must use their CLC e-mail to interact with school personnel, including note-takers (unless there is a special circumstance which would be discussed at INF meeting). If you do not know your CLC user name or password to get into your e-mail-you will need to speak to IT or admissions personnel to get the assistance you need. It is very important that you know how to log in and use your CLC e-mail.

Do I have to have notes from class scanned and e-mailed to me?

There are many different ways notes can be sent. Scanning and e-mailing is free, as well as taking pictures on cell phones and e-mailing. If you are wanting a copy of the notes on the copy machine, you will need to pay for those copies. It is not the responsibility of your note-taker to pay for them.

What is my note-taker responsible for?

Getting information from the class lecture (written or verbally presented in class) down and sent to you within 24 hours. The note-taker is not responsible for book notes, homework assignments, or tutoring of any kind.

Do I need to do anything if I drop a class, add a class or change a class section? Do these situations impact the use of a note-taker?

Yes, all of these situations require ADRC to make a change on your INF -- this will also impact note-taking. Please let us know as soon as anything changes to your schedule. Know that any changes you make may delay finding a note-taker.

What do I do if I want to pick out my own note-taker?

You may or may not have that option. Please come and speak to someone in ADRC right away. If a note-taker is already secure in the database, we will need to use that note-taker.

Note: An in-class note-taker can take notes for up to 4 students in any given class.

I don’t like my note-taker, can I have a different one?

Just because you do not care for your note-taker, does not warrant finding someone new. If you are receiving legible notes that are pulled from the class lecture, that are sent in a timely manner, then you probably have a decent note-taker (unless they are being rude or behaving badly, then come to our office to report it). Remember, the note-taker may be taking notes for more than just you, so if there are no complaints, it is unlikely that we are able to make a change.

I don’t understand the notes from my note-taker. What should I do?

If the notes are from lecture, are legible, and are sent to you in a timely manner (these are our expectations of the note-taker) this is a good thing. However, if you feel that you do not understand the content discussed in class, please talk to your instructor. Instructors have office hours in which they set aside time to talk to students about their questions or concerns about the class material.

Our instructor posts important info that we need to know on Canvas or PowerPoint slides. However, my note-taker isn’t giving me very many additional notes... what should I do?

Some instructors literally give you all of the information that you will need for the class on PowerPoint and/or Canvas. So in cases such as this, you may not receive notes.