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Service Animals

Pursuant to legislation, service animals, defined as dogs, may be brought onto and utilized on campus by those needing their services.  Owners of these dogs bear responsibility for the actions of the animal and are expected to monitor their health and behavior.  An owner is expected to clean up after the dog. ADRC and the larger college reserves the right to be informed of the task a service dog performs in order to offset the effects of a given disability.

Therapy dogs are not service dogs and are viewed differently under the law.  The request for therapy dogs should be discussed with ADRC and consideration will be given to their appropriate use and permission to be on campus.

Students training their animal to be a service dog may approach ADRC with the request to bring their animal on campus.  Individual consideration will be given to the dog’s ability to be on campus if currently working toward this goal. The Access and Disability Resource Center (ADRC) reserves the right to request relevant documentation to this training and its progress.