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Sign Language Interpreting Services

The Access and Disability Resource Center (ADRC) provides interpreting services as an academic accommodation for students who are deaf/hard of hearing when the hearing loss significantly affects, or limits the ability to access the learning environment. Interpreting services are a means of providing access to the spoken word and to facilitate communication. Interpreters providing the services are professionally trained, licensed by the Illinois Deaf and Hard of Hearing Commission, and are hired to serve the role as a facilitator for communication.

Eligibility and Approval

Sign language interpreters will be provided to students that are eligible for this service and registered with the Access and Disability Resource Center.  The affects or limitations of this disability must support the need for interpreting services as assessed and verified by ADRC.  Eligible students are provided access to interpreters, at no cost, under the ADA/504 and other applicable disability laws.  In order to receive interpreting services, students must engage in the ‘interactive process’, working with our office to secure needed accommodations and services. The policy below outlines this process for our office and for eligible Deaf/hard of hearing students.

  1. All students who seek academic accommodations must seek assistance from ADRC in a timely manner.It is recommended that requests be made prior to the beginning of the semester or as soon as a need becomes known.
  2. A student with a disability requiring accommodations will submit an ADRC application and consent form.
  3. Students must also supply ADRC a copy of documentation relevant to their hearing loss and how it limits participation in a service, program, course, activity, or facility at the college.
  4. The Office for Students with Disabilities will ensure that all documentation is kept confidential and shared with college personnel on a limited and need-to-know basis only.
  5. Once the application, consent form, and documentation have been received by ADRC, the information will be reviewed and a determination of reasonable accommodations will be made.
  6. All students must meet with the ADRC Specialist to discuss eligible accommodations and services. ADRC staff will outline the process of receiving suggested accommodations. The reasonable request to meet each semester ensures the interactive process and allows ADRC to best serve student need.
  7. Students will receive copies of their Instructor Notification Forms (INF). It is the student’s responsibility to provide their instructor(s) with the INF paperwork.
  8. Students who require interpreting services must meet with the ADRC Specialist for each semester. Interpreting services may be initially provided once the student notifies ADRC of their enrollment.  However, in order to continue receiving interpreting services beyond the second week of their class, the student will need to meet with the ADRC specialist.
  9. Students with disabilities will be responsible for contacting ADRC if reasonable accommodations are not implemented in an effective or timely way. ADRC will work with college personnel and students with disabilities to resolve disagreements regarding recommended accommodations.Informal processes and mediation will be used, when appropriate, to resolve disagreements.

Provision of Interpreting Services

It is important that all requests for interpreting services be submitted to ADRC in a timely manner so that adequate planning is possible to fulfill specific student needs.  A copy of the course schedule is required so that appropriate scheduling of interpreters can be accomplished.  To request access to interpreting services for activities other than regularly scheduled classes (i.e. plays, field trips, clubs, presentations, etc…) the student will need to contact the ADRC Specialist least 3 business days prior to the activity/event. To submit a request, contact the ADRC Specialist.

Procedures for Requests


Before any request for interpreters can be submitted, all students will be asked to read and sign the Student Absence, Tardy, and Cancellation Policy. This shows their willingness to follow the procedures and policies related to the interpreting services. Each semester the student will need to read and resign the agreement. If there is a break in enrollment or services, a new signed agreement will be necessary. 

Requests will be filled on a first-come, first-serve basis. It is important that students requesting interpreting services meet with the ADRC Specialist prior to the beginning of the semester. Class assignments of interpreters will occur once a student meets with the ADRC Specialist. It is the student’s responsibility to contact ADRC in a timely matter with any schedule changes.

Due to the availability of interpreters, last minute changes or requests may result in a delay of services.  Students can request specific interpreters. ADRC will attempt to honor a request by a student for a specific interpreter; however there is no guarantee that a student will be assigned a specific interpreter for a class or event.

Campus Community

Any office associated with the college may request interpreting services from ADRC. Requests may be submitted directly to the ADRC Specialist.

The ADRC Specialist will determine whether or not ADRC interpreters are available for the event.  If interpreters are not available, interpreter agency information will be provided. It will be the responsibility of the requesting department to contact, hire, and submit payment to the agency.

Due to interpreter availability, it is important that all requests for interpreting services be submitted to ADRC in a timely manner. To ensure sign language interpreting services, all requests should be submitted at least 5 business days prior to the event.

To cancel interpreting services contact the ADRC Specialist.


The ADRC Specialist assigns interpreters to academic courses and campus events based on the need of the student and the availability and background or experience of specific interpreters.  Whenever possible, classes/events are team interpreted to provide adequate support and coverage of the class/event and to avoid work related injuries of interpreters.

Specific preferences on behalf of students will be considered whenever possible. However, there is no guarantee that a student will be assigned any specific interpreter for any particular class or event.

Requests for an interpreter reassignment may be made by either the student or the interpreter.  Attempts should be made by both student and interpreter to resolve any ongoing issues before a request for reassignment is given to ADRC. The individual requesting a reassignment should give a written, signed and dated statement to the ADRC Specialist. Reasons acceptable for reassignment include:  interpreter’s knowledge base/experience with subject, difficulty of subject matter, breach of ethics, objectionable behavior, or unresolved personal conflicts between the student and the interpreter. Once OSD is in receipt of a request, the process and decision will take no longer than two weeks. Requests for, and ultimate reassignment on behalf of students or interpreters must be made to the ADRC Specialist in consultation with the ADRC Director.

Student Absences, Tardiness, and Cancellations Policy   

The Access and Disability Resource Center (ADRC) understands you may miss class, however interpreting services involve coordinating a schedule and a cost. Therefore, it is very important that students assist ADRC in using these services wisely. When the ADRC Specialist knows in advance that a student using interpreting services will not be attending class, there is an opportunity to reassign the interpreter to another class or event.

It is the responsibility of the student to provide the ADRC Specialist at least 24 hours advanced notice of their absence. The student is still responsible to inform the ADRC Specialist of his/her absence even if there is more than one deaf/hard of hearing student in the class. Students can contact the interpreters directly to notify them of an absence. However, students must still contact the ADRC Specialist.

Defined as a student absence without contacting the ADRC Specialist or informing the ADRC Specialist less than one hour before the scheduled start of class, NO SHOW-NO CONTACT have the ability to affect the availability of interpreter assignments.

Interpreters will report student “no show-no contact” to the ADRC Specialist in accordance with the policy stated below.

If the ADRC Specialist is not contacted or informed less than one hour before the scheduled class time, it is considered a NO SHOW-NO CONTACT for that class.

  • After 2nd NO SHOW-NO CONTACT – per class/per semester: The ADRC Specialist will send the student an email restating the student’s responsibilities and policies related to absences.
  • After 3rd NO SHOW-NO CONTACT – per class/per semester: The student will be notified that interpreting services are suspended for that class. It is the responsibility of the student to arrange a meeting with the ADRC Specialist to review the student’s responsibilities and the procedures and policies related to no show-no contact absences. After this meeting, interpreting services for that class may resume.
  • However, if there any subsequent NO SHOW-NO CONTACT related to that class for the remainder of the semester: The student will be notified that interpreting services will be canceled for that class. Once interpreting services have been canceled, the student may request reinstatement of services by contacting the ADRC Specialist to set up a meeting to discuss reinstatement conditions.
  • For reinstatement of services, the student must also meet with the ADRC Director. The student is responsible for scheduling any meetings necessary for reinstatement of interpreting services. ADRC will be responsible for providing appropriate interpreting services for the meeting. Realize there may be a processing time involved in re-establishing this accommodation as interpreter(s) may be reassigned and there is no guarantee that the same interpreter(s) will be available.

Interpreters will wait fifteen minutes per hour of class for a student to arrive. If a student does not arrive within that time period, interpreters will leave and not return for that class period. If a student is late on three occasions for the same class, it will be considered one NO SHOW-NO CONTACT.

To cancel interpreting services for the remainder of the semester, students must contact the ADRC Specialist.

ADRC Specialist Contact Information

Karen Parra
Student Conduct Coordinator
Student Affairs