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Testing Accommodations

The College of Lake County provides accommodations related to testing for students that are eligible.  The Access and Disability Resource Center (ADRC) would provide information to students on receiving accommodations, such as extended time on exams or providing a distraction reduced testing environment, upon the students meeting with ADRC staff members.  

Testing accommodations do not alter the integrity of a given exam, nor do they provide an advantage to a student in its provision. Accommodations, such as those mentioned, enable a student to participate in an exam that would accurately measure the student’s knowledge and abilities.

Students requesting accommodations are required to meet with staff from the ADRC each semester to discuss and develop academic accommodations, including those related to testing Students are presented paperwork describing these accommodations, which they will then provide directly to their instructor.

Where to Take The Exam

Instructors may have the ability to offer additional time on the exam or quiz, per the accommodation, in the classroom.  For example, a student may be allowed to remain in the class after its conclusion if the instructor noted that he/she will be present to proctor the exam. Should the student choose to accept the instructors offer to take the exam or quiz in the classroom, no additional action is needed by the student.  Should the student elect to take the exam in a distraction reduced setting, i.e., the testing center, the student will need to provide the instructor with a testing accommodation request form.

Please note that due to testing setup, there may be a 15 minute adjustment to the start time agreed upon by student and instructor. Should a student not start the exam/quiz by the time stated on the form, the exam/quiz will be removed by ADRC and the instructor will be contacted.

Testing Accommodation Request Form Process

The testing accommodation request form must be completed by the student, gaining the instructors information and signature, and returned to the ADRC within three days of the scheduled exam or quiz.   These forms may be found within the ADRC (B171-Grayslake), before and after office hours in a location immediately outside the ADRC, and at any testing center on any of the three campuses. Students are responsible for the submission of the form.  The form may be delivered in person to the ADRC (B171 – GLC) or directly to the testing centers of the LSC or SLC.  A drop box is located directly outside the ADRC which may be used after hours to return forms.  Completed testing forms need to be submitted three days prior to the exam date. Receiving the form three days prior to the exam or quiz allows the ADRC to schedule space, obtain a test from the instructor, convert the test to audio or another format if necessary, and ultimately ensure that accommodations are provided. Please note that the ADRC cannot process testing request forms for the same day.  Additionally, only the requested accommodations on the form will be honored on the day of the test.

At the agreed upon day and time of the exam, students may show up to the testing center with their copy of the testing accommodation form and a picture ID. The testing center proctors exams; ADRC staff may provide proctoring assistance if needed in certain circumstances.

Instructors may either pick up the completed exam directly from the testing center, or arrange to have the completed tests delivered to the division office by ADRC.

Should a student experience issues during the exam or quiz, he/she should immediately stop taking the exam and approach the testing center or ADRC staff with concerns.

Instructors agree to deliver the exam to ADRC 24 hours prior to testing. If the exam is not provided to ADRC within this timeframe, ADRC may not be able to provide the appropriate accommodations, resulting in the instructor making alternate arrangements for the student to complete the exam.

Distraction Reduced Testing Environments

It may be necessary for students to take their exams in an environment more structured and conducive to test taking. Additionally, these settings are less likely to have random interruptions. All of the accommodated testing sites below are proctored by testing center staff unless ADRC assistance is required.

The College of Lake County may provide use of the ‘testing center’ as an accommodation. Located on all three campuses, these centers typically consist of a larger room with a physical barrier between the test taker and other students who are not testing. 

ADRC may provide use of ‘separate room’ as part of the distraction reduced testing environment. In these cases, students may take their exams in a room where only one other student may be present during testing. Limiting the amount of students entering and exiting the room reduces distraction.  

Lastly, ADRC may provide use of ‘individual room’ as part of the distraction reduced testing environment. If provided this accommodation, the student would be alone in a room taking an exam or quiz, reducing distractions even further.

All three options should be discussed with staff members from ADRC during your meeting.

Standardized Testing

Though accommodations for testing relative to a disability are protected by federal law, each testing entity for these standardized exams may have a unique process in requesting the accommodation. Do not assume that the ADRC of the College of Lake County can immediately process these requests. Please speak directly with ADRC staff prior to signing up to take an exam should testing accommodations be a necessity. ADRC staff will work with you on requesting accommodations from the testing entity.  Again, be aware that each entity that governs testing may have requirements which will need to be filled, and some with significant wait times of several weeks. The more advanced notice we receive from the student, the greater the ability of ADRC to assist.