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Group of students standing in circle with hands joined in center

Peer Mentor Programs

The purpose of the Peer Mentor Programs are to aid new students in their transition to the academic, extracurricular and social aspects of the college by connecting them with students who serve as role models, mentors and resources. Peer mentor relationships are critical to both cognitive and affective learning. We also know that early intervention positively affects retention and contributes to the success of first-year students.

The College of Lake County supports the following successful peer mentor programs:

  • Multicultural Student Peer Mentor Program
  • International Student Peer Mentor Program
  • TRiO: Student Support Services Peer Mentor Program

Goals of the Peer Mentor Programs

  • Provide an opportunity for Peer Mentors to enhance their leadership skills and foster relationships with peers in the college
  • Promote individual learning experiences that develop self-efficacy and leadership skills.
  • Bring greater awareness to opportunities and activities that can broaden the education of the mentees.
  • Support the retention of new students while aiding in the transition to CLC and the higher education landscape.
  • Foster relationships with students both in and outside of the classroom


“The peer mentor programs help students on a daily basis. The program is designed in such a way which keeps mentors in touch with the mentees every week and thus helps to avoid any trouble they may face.” – Yusra, Peer Mentor

“With the peer mentor program, international students get to be friends, learn from, and have fun with their peer mentors. Peer mentors are supposed to be exemplary role models and guide their mentees toward student success.” – Javier, Peer Mentor

“By having a contact who also happens to be a student benefits the mentees in so many ways, the most important being the chance to develop a close friendship.” - Carlos