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CLC Math Placement Assessment (ALEKS)

What is ALEKS?

ALEKS is a web-based program used to determine a student's individual readiness for mathematics courses. After an initial unproctored assessment, an individualized Prep and Learning Module is available for students to practice and refresh their knowledge on topics, giving students the opportunity to improve their placement. Watch a YouTube video to learn more about ALEKS.

Benefits of taking the CLC Math Placement Assessment (ALEKS):

  • Individualized Prep and Learning Modules
  • Grow your skills and advance your math course placement
  • May allow you to enroll in credit-bearing classes at CLC (required to demonstrate basic academic proficiencies)
  • Allows you to demonstrate basic algebra readiness (Basic Algebra Readiness does not meet the prerequisite for college-level math course.) Please refer to math course descriptions for complete requirements.

Note: Students requesting accommodations should contact the Access and Disabilities Resource Center for assistance prior to taking any placement assessments.

How to use ALEKS for Placement

Follow these steps to take ALEKS for CLC Math Placement:

  • Step 1: Connect to ALEKS and take an Unproctored Assessment

  • Step 2: Take your ALEKS Proctored Assessment

  • Step 3: Study/Practice in your ALEKS Prep and Learning Module

  • Step 4: Enroll in a Class

Step 1

Connect to ALEKS

Step 2

Take a Practice Assessment

Step 3

Study/Learn in a Prep and Learning Module

Step 4

Take a Proctored Assessment for Placement

Step 5

Enroll in a Class or Study/Retest