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Math Center


Tutoring in math and sciences is available in-person at all three campuses as well as online via Zoom. See the Tutoring Center card in Canvas for details.

Who Can Benefit?

Math is an intriguing, and sometimes challenging, subject, and many students (even good students) get real benefit from tutoring assistance. If you are a “B” student in math, why not get a little extra help to become an “A” student? And if you’re struggling with math, it is even more important to contact the Math Center. Please don’t struggle alone! We will help you work on the areas you don’t understand, and we’ll help you learn strategies that can make you more confident of your abilities to learn new math concepts. In addition to mathematics, the Math Center offers tutoring in chemistry, physics, biology, accounting, data processing and computer courses.

Math Center Staff

When you visit the Math Center, you'll find peer and professional tutors. Peer tutors are CLC students who have been recommended by an instructor to tutor specific courses. Professional tutors are part-time instructors or community members who have earned a bachelor's or higher degree.


If you'd like to brush up on your math skills, the Math Center can refer you to helpful resources. Contact the Math Center for information.

Tutoring Center Orientations

All faculty are invited to schedule Math Center orientations for their classes. Each session is approximately 10 minutes and summarizes the services provided by the Math Center. Contact the Math Center to make arrangements.