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Frequently Asked Questions

What services does the Career and Job Placement Center provide to help students make solid career choices?

  • Professional development training
  • Resume assistance
  • Job-search strategies
  • Interviewing practices
  • Walk‐in hours
  • Industry‐specific job site visits
  • Industry‐specific career fairs
  • Campus recruiting events with targeted employers
  • Student employment
  • Internships
  • Networking

When should students be involved in Career and Job Placement Center services? 

Ideally, students should start working with us as soon as possible by visiting our website or coming to a walk‐in session. Our team manages a caseload of students by industry clusters (e.g. engineering, healthcare, marketing, information technology) instead of by the student’s academic major. This model helps students explore and learn how to pursue opportunities in several areas. 

What is LancerJobLink and how can students use this resource?

LancerJobLink is our web‐based portal that houses jobs, internships, professional development opportunities, events, and interview schedules for recruiters. When students register on LancerJobLink and post their resumes, they can find job opportunities and apply directly. Employers also use the portal to find students seeking positions! 

How do most students find jobs and internships? 

When students meet with a Career Services Specialist and become a part of their caseload, the Specialist will notify the student directly when new job and/or internship opportunities that match the student’s interest are posted on LancerJobLink. Additionally, students are always welcome to register on LancerJobLink to review the opportunities posted there and even apply directly.

What percentage of students participate in internships? 

According to the National Association of Colleges and Employers’ Class of 2016 Student Survey, 56 percent of 2016 college‐graduate hires had internship experience.

What are the top companies that recruit CLC students? 

Local companies that recruit CLC students are AbbVie, Siemens, Overture Promotions, James Martin, Packaging Corporation of America, Jockey, Advocate Healthcare System and many others.

What percentage of students have job offers at graduation? 

According to a college graduate employment study by Accenture, 21 percent of 2016 college graduates accepted job offers prior to graduation. 

What is meant by placement and what is CLC’s placement rate? 

Placement refers to a student or recent graduate who is hired by an employer for a job or internship.