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COVID-19 Update - March 23, 2020

Published Mar 23, 2020

COVID-19 Update - March 23, 2020

March 23, 2020

  1. COVID-19 Cases at CLC: There were no new reported CLC cases of COVID-19 to the CLC Health Center over the weekend.

    We are aware employees and students are wondering about how communications about new positive cases will be facilitated. There is a documented process created by a subset of members of the Emergency Operations Team. This group stays in daily communication regarding calls coming into the Health Center by employees and students. If another confirmed positive COVID-19 case were reported through the Health Center via a direct call from an employee or student, or a notice is received from the Lake County Health Department (LCHD), or through a communication from a supervisor, this group would facilitate the process of ensuring appropriate information is gathered regarding direct and indirect contacts at CLC. It is our priority to ensure immediate (within hours) communication would occur with any individuals who may have had direct or indirect contact so that appropriate actions can be taken. Those directly impacted would receive a phone call and be advised of several things, including self-quarantine. The CLC team works in coordination with the LCHD.

  2. Lake County Health Department Update: LCHD is reporting 15 new cases in Lake County since Saturday, March 21, 2020 and a total of 80 confirmed positive cases with the first identified case on March 11, 2020. Visit the LCHD website and sign up for automatic updates to be sent to your email or phone to stay informed. Please adhere to the stay at home order as diligently as possible so we can slow the growth of this virus.
  3. Emergency Operations: Emergency Operations Team will continue to meet every Monday morning at 10 a.m. to address key issues, monitor the status of the Alternative Delivery and Remote Work plan, align resources to areas of greatest need, coordinate efforts across units of the organization, and plan for "what if" scenarios.
  4. Medical Supplies Donations: Through the responsive and speedy efforts of many of our employees (Faculty, Ed Affairs, Police, CWP, Facilities), CLC has already jumped into action to support our local front-line healthcare workers. CLC inventory of personal protective equipment (N95 masks, gloves, gowns) from across the college is being centralized and distributed to local hospitals in dire need of these critical supplies to protect healthcare workers in Lake County. This is a true demonstration of collaboration to get the right thing done. Please contact Ali O’Brien with any questions about this process as she is spear-heading the effort. It is important any donations are facilitated in alignment with the appropriate legal requirements and college processes.
  5. Technology Distribution Students and Employees Working Remotely: The college is supporting students and faculty with technology needs so they can engage in the Alternative Delivery Model and continue classes is our highest priority. The college has established a plan that aligns with the Governor’s stay at home order and social distancing requirements yet continues to distribute the necessary technology packages to students and faculty.
  6. Technology Solutions: IT and purchasing are working quickly to get a solution in place to allow remote employees to call students from their phones yet protect the privacy of their own personal phone number. The goal is to have this solution in place after spring break.