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COVID-19 Update - March 27, 2020

Published Mar 27, 2020

COVID-19 Update - March 27, 2020

March 27, 2020

  1. UPDATE: CLC COVID-19 Cases: As of Thursday, March 26, there were 184 COVID-19 positive test results for individuals in Lake County and two confirmed deaths. This is a significant increase and LCHD anticipates a continued increase in the number of positive cases. There are two new confirmed COVID-19 positive test results in the CLC community: two students who present very little to no risk for potential exposure to other CLC community members. As previously shared, the college will continue to communicate with any individuals that may be directly impacted. The COVID-19 Concerns Team members remain busy responding to student, staff, and faculty inquiries concerning this virus and its impact on our community.
  2. New Textbook Resources for Students: The bookstore team has partnered with our textbook publishers and digital textbook vendors to aid in the transition to online and distance learning. Information provided by the Bookstore will allow faculty and students to access free digital course materials through May 25, 2020. Information on how to access these free resources can be found on the Lancers Keep Learning webpage. We would like to thank the textbook publishers and digital textbook partners for their support of higher education and our CLC students, helping to make the transition to distance learning a little easier.

I have decided it is time to apply some reframing on social distancing. I absolutely support the need for social distancing in terms of separation of physical space between us to keep us all safe. However, I worry a little about what social distancing does to humans who are social beings. As we head into the weekend, I encourage all of you to be physically distanced but remain very socially connected - virtually and from afar of course. Call someone and reconnect, perhaps chat about something other than COVID-19 and remember to do something that lifts your spirits.

Wishing you a pleasant weekend,

Dr. Lori Suddick
College of Lake County