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COVID-19 Update for Students - April 21, 2020 Commencement Details

Published Apr 21, 2020

For the safety of our graduates and their families, the 2020 Commencement Ceremony has been postponed until December 2020.

Based on a survey completed with students who have petitioned to graduate, students preferred a delayed in-person option versus an on-time virtual option for commencement. Holding the ceremony in December provides an opportunity for those graduates who have already transferred to be home and participate in ceremonies, as well as an opportunity to engage summer and fall 2020 graduates. There are many details to work through with this option and the Commencement Committee will engage in developing the many details that will be required to support this option.


  • 2019 Summer Term Graduates
  • 2019 Fall Semester Graduates
  • Students who Petitioned for Graduation Spring Semester 2020
  • Students who Petitioned for Graduation Summer Term 2020
  • NEW: Students who Petitioned for Graduation Fall Term 2020

Students must Petition for Graduation to participate in the ceremony.

Graduation processing has not been postponed.  Learn more about Graduation.