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Women’s Center

Best Friends


B-wing, Student Resource Center (across from the Welcome and One Stop Center)

Grayslake Hours

8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
and by appointment

Lakeshore/Southlake Hours

By appointment only


Faculty Coordinator

Lorri Scott


Tammy Burns

The CLC Women’s Center is dedicated to the success of CLC students, regardless of their personal and financial circumstances. We offer a safe, caring place where students can come to access services and support to achieve success at college, work, and in their everyday lives.

We support special student populations, including single mothers, returning students, displaced homemakers, nontraditional career seekers, victims of sexual assault, stalking and dating and domestic violence, women in cultural transition and LGBTQ+ individuals.

While the majority of our programming is geared toward women, emergency financial assistance is available for CLC students of all genders. Many of our workshops, resources, referrals and programs are open to CLC staff, faculty and community members as well.

CLC Partners

The Women’s Center collaborates with many other college departments and student groups, as well as with community organizations and businesses we seek to make an extensive set of services and programs for our students.

The Women’s Center is part of the CLC Sexual Violence Elimination (SaVE) Team, a coordinated community response committee that assists the college in responding to sexual assault, stalking, domestic and dating violence. Through our ongoing awareness and prevention initiatives, we educate students, advocate for survivors, and work towards eliminating gender-based violence in our community.

Services We Offer

  • Consultations, Discussion Groups and Workshops: In our one-on-one consultations, we offer referrals to counseling and other CLC and community resources. We work close­ly with college counseling staff, advocates from local women’s organizations, and county support services. We also offer support/discussion groups.
  • Emergency Funds: The Women’s Center Emergency Fund, 100 percent funded through donations, provides assistance for CLC students who are economically disadvantaged. Funds can be used toward financial emergencies with tuition, books, child care and utilities. We also offer gasoline card assistance. Emergency funds are available to all CLC students, regardless of gender or immigration status.
  • Annual Drives: The Women’s Center sponsors annual Thanksgiving, Holiday and School Supply drives for students and their families. All drives are 100 percent funded by donations.
  • Food Pantry and Library: Dedicated shelves and tables in our office hold non-perishable canned and shelf-stable foods for students. In addition, our small library holds gender-related books, journals and audiovisuals ideal for classroom use, research and personal enrichment.
  • Smart Choices Workshops: In an effort to provide our students with the tools for success, we offer several year-round workshop series that address issues relevant to our students’ lives at school, at home and in the workplace.The Women’s Center also sponsors and co-sponsors many other events throughout the year, such as the Women’s Empowerment Symposium, book club meetings, and the Vagina Monologues.
  • Scholarship Opportunities: For more information about Women’s Center scholarships, visit the CLC Financial Aid website.

Volunteer and Donate

Would you like to help out with the Women’s Center? There are many ways you can help, from sharing ideas to donating time, money, or food. There are several volunteer opportunities available throughout the year, so stop by the Center for more information.

We also accept cash and check donations as well as canned goods and other non-expired, shelf-stable items for our food pantry and annual drives.

See something, say something!

Be sure to report any incidents of student misconduct or any criminal behavior to CLC Police at Ext. 5555 on campus or (847)543-2081 from off campus as described in Reporting Student Behavior Concerns. Reported incidents of sexual misconduct or sexual discrimination, including incidents of sexual assault, domestic violence, dating violence or stalking will be shared with the Title IX Coordinator. Incidents of sexual misconduct or sexual discrimination can also be reported directly to the Title IX Coordinator at Ext. 2464  on campus or (847) 543-2464 from off campus.

Allena Barbato, Title IX Coordinator
Room B105B
19351 West Washington Street
Room B106
Grayslake, IL 60030
(847) 543-2464