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Student Development Counseling


The Student Development Counseling (SD Counseling) department advocates for, supports, educates and empowers students to be successful by helping them define and achieve their goals at CLC and beyond.

Student Development Counseling is a collaborative effort involving you and a Student Development counselor working together on solutions to issues that can affect your academic success, such as academic, career and transfer planning.

Kinds of Help Offered

Academic advising

See a Student Development Counselor for academic advising if you have completed 26 or more credits and are enrolled in a transfer program. Student Development Counselors work with students to help choose a major, select classes, prepare for transfer, develop success strategies, meet academic proficiencies and achieve and maintain good academic standing.

Educational Development

Student Development Counselors can assist students in making the transition to college life and getting oriented to the college environment. Students work with a Student Development Counselor to develop an academic plan, to select appropriate classes and to learn strategies for success in school through individual meetings, workshops and classes.

Students can learn academic and personal success strategies related to time/stress management, motivation, interpersonal skills, maximizing potential, goal setting, self-awareness, values clarification, study skills, test-taking techniques and other strategies for becoming a better student.

Related courses:

  • PDS 120 Becoming a Successful College Student
  • PDS 121 Self-Empowerment
  • PDS 123 Exploring Diversity and Human Relations
  • PDS 124 Transition to College

Academic and Transfer Planning

Student Development Counselors help interpret transfer guides, program outlines and transfer requirements for four-year schools. They also assist students with choosing a transfer university and provide academic and transfer planning services within the context of helping students meet career and life goals.

Related courses:

  • PDS 120 Becoming a Successful College Student
  • PDS 124 Transition to College

Career Counseling

Students may meet with Student Development Counselors and Career Counselors to get help with choosing a major or career. These professionals use their career development expertise and formal training to guide students through a process of self-assessment, career research, decision-making and goal-setting. Self-assessment includes a guided exploration of values, interests, personality traits and skills. Career research enables students to gather information about tasks, responsibilities, required education and training, salary, job outlook and more.

Related course:

  • PDS 122 Career Exploration

Benefits of career counseling include:

  • Find a good career fit
  • Save time and money on school
  • Experience peace of mind by having a plan
  • Engage in choosing your future
  • Explore options in a supportive environment

For more information, contact Counseling, Advising and Transfer Center.

Career Assessment

Student Development Counselors can help students gain more knowledge about themselves, their learning styles and how they fit into the world of work through the use of career inventories, assessments and exercises.

Related course:

  • PDS 122 Career Exploration

Courses and Workshops

We offer assistance in developing strategies for academic success by offering workshops and credit courses to teach you study skills, time management and test-taking techniques. Student Development counseling offers a one-to-two-credit course, PDS 120 Becoming a Successful College Student.

In addition, you can take advantage of the college’s regularly scheduled workshops in Academic Success and Leadership development, which are free and open to all CLC students.


Student Development Counselors do not provide mental health counseling services. Please contact the Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) at 847-543-2032, should you have questions related to mental health services.

Our Qualifications

Student Development Counselors are trained to counsel students in the areas of academics, transfer and career choice. Each of our Counselors has a minimum of a master’s degree in counseling, or a related field. All services are provided with attention to the ethical guidelines of the American Counseling Association.

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