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Math Center


The Math Center is a one-stop resource to support your success in math and math-related courses (chemistry, physics, biology, accounting and information technology).  We offer free tutoring to currently enrolled CLC students at all three CLC locations—Grayslake, Waukegan and Vernon Hills. During the 2016 Spring semester, math tutoring is also available at the University Center of Lake County.

Learn more about Tutoring in Math and Math-Related Courses.

Not all math-related subjects are tutored during each of the hours that we are open. View our tutoring schedules for details (PDF).

Math Modules

We are also your resource for accessing Math Modules, an alternative to taking MTH 101 in a classroom setting.  Math Modules allow you to proceed at your own pace, working on course material both at home and in the Math Center.

Visit the Math Modules page for more information.

Online Resources

We’ve compiled a number of online resources links to help you brush up on your math skills. Use these as study aids, and come in to the Math Center for help with any questions.

Math Center Staff

When you visit the Math & Science Center, you'll find peer tutors and "specialist" tutors. Peer tutors are CLC students who have been recommended by an instructor to tutor specific courses. Specialist tutors are part-time instructors or community members who have earned a bachelor's or higher degree.

Math Center Locations