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What Students Say About CLC

What is it like to attend the College of Lake County? The best way to know is through what our students and graduates say. Read the first-hand accounts of students of different ages and backgrounds.

Inspiring Students

Six CLC faculty and staff are surprised to learn how they inspired past students and impacted their lives for the better.


"I made a great decision to attend CLC for my first two years of college. I not only have saved lots of money compared to starting at a four-year university, I’m also enjoying the one-on-one time with professors because I hear that’s rare at four-year institutions." Charlice Nwobodo

Photo of Justin Badua

"CLC is the real deal, and its quality exceeded my expectations. A lot of my friends who started at large, four-year universities wished they would have started at CLC to save money and build a foundation academically."
Justin Badua

Photo of Vivian Sandoval

"While I attended CLC, two engineering professors — Margie Porter and Michelle Leonard — were my mentors in the Scholars program and helped me believe in myself when I was pursuing engineering." Vivian Sandoval

Photo of Caleb Town

"CLC not only made great financial sense, I knew it would afford me unique educational and professional opportunities that I would be hard-pressed to find elsewhere. " Caleb Town

Stephen Cartwright

"CLC is a mosaic; a microcosm of America. The students come from so many different backgrounds and contexts, that you learn almost as much from your classmates as you do from your courses. I gained a greater appreciation for those who are different from me."Stephen Cartwright

Photo of Alexis Massman

"At CLC, I had a phenomenal time, and I always give it my highest recommendation. I couldn’t afford to start at a large, four-year college, but at CLC, I received a scholarship through the Honors Scholars program, and I had a terrific educational experience."Alexis Massman