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Photo of Charlice Nwobodo

Major: Accounting and finance.

Hometown: Waukegan.

High school: Warren Township High School, 2016.

High school clubs and activities: Future Business Leaders club, speech.

Interests and hobbies: Listening to ‘90s rhythm and blues, hip hop, pop, pretty much anything that sounds good; watching movies and traveling!

Charlice Nwobodo

I made a great decision to attend CLC for my first two years of college. I not only have saved lots of money compared to starting at a four-year university, I’m also enjoying the one-on-one time with professors because I hear that’s rare at four-year institutions. The only discrepancy between CLC and a four-year school is that there are no dorms here. CLC offers the same quality of education, but at a much lower tuition price, based on the conversations I’ve had with friends and family who have started here and later transferred to four-year schools.

One course that I really liked was Introduction to Psychology. The instructor doesn’t just lecture; he has an enthusiastic personality and makes learning fun and interactive. In class, we discussed interesting concepts like the id, ego, superego, disorders and phobias. Psychology in general is a fascinating subject that gives insight on how the mind works.

In my Introduction to Business course, the professor shared her own corporate experiences in class.  She also pushed us out of our comfort zone by assigning oral presentations. I feel that it’s a good way of preparing for the work world.

Another great resource at CLC is the free Writing Center. The tutors there can help you with important steps such as developing a thesis and incorporating transitions between paragraphs. Many four-year universities don’t offer this service for free.

In addition to the classes, I have grown by working part time as a receptionist in the Career and Job Placement Center, and now I’ve been promoted to intern. Besides doing clerical work, I talk to employers looking to recruit, and I show students and employers how to use our online job board. The job has made me feel more comfortable in talking to people and has provided me with lots of customer service experience.

Socially, I’ve enjoyed spending time on campus, getting to know students and making new friends, too. And you can’t beat the free student access to the Grayslake Campus Fitness Center. Working out there makes me feel rejuvenated, and it helps clear my mind to stay focus in my next class.

My dream job is to work in accounting for a good company. I have a genuine interest in the career because it’s very logical.

At CLC, make sure you ask a lot of questions and take advantage of the many resources, such as the professors’ office hours and the tutoring center. Working hard, especially at the beginning of the semester, pays off in the end.