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Photo of Georgina Huesca de Vargas

Occupation: Part-time adult education instructor.

Hometown: Mexico City.

Current residence: Grayslake, Ill.

CLC degree: A.A. 2002; currently working toward a certificate in personal training.

Transfer degree:  B.S. in university studies, Illinois State University, 2007.

Additional education: Accounting Assistant degree from Escuela Comercial Banjidal, Mexico, 1975.

Hobbies and interests: Art history, exercising and promoting wellness.

Georgina Huesca de Vargas

After my husband and I moved from Mexico to Grayslake in 1996, I had difficulty understanding English because the pronunciation varied from what I had learned in English classes in Mexico. I felt very frustrated. Then I discovered CLC. My language skills and self-confidence really grew, thanks to the wonderful instructors in the English as a Second Language program. They were patient and supportive. After hearing encouraging words from one instructor, I was inspired to become a bilingual teacher. From 2002-13, I was a bilingual teacher’s aide and later an elementary school bilingual teacher in Grayslake and Round Lake. In 2008, I also began teaching bilingual GED courses at CLC, where I continue to share my story with students.

In addition to completing ESL classes, I earned my GED at the college. Then, I became a CLC student and appreciated the variety of courses and the wonderful professors. I took several art and architectural history courses from one professor who was well-traveled and accessible to answer students’ questions. She engaged the students in the classroom and on field trips, when we toured buildings such as historic churches in Chicago.

Besides the professors, CLC has great services, such as the library, which in my view is one of the most complete in the Lake County area. It is well-stocked with printed books, audio books, electronic databases and much more. And the librarians are happy to help you.

CLC has inspired me to develop an interest in lifelong learning. I moved here from Mexico at age 40, finished my bachelor’s degree at age 50, and now after turning 60, I’m three courses away from earning a certificate in personal training. When I retire from teaching, I want to start my own gym because I want to help others—including aging baby boomers—maintain muscle flexibility and live healthy lives.

Here at CLC, you can learn about just about anything. I love to learn about musicians and famous painters such as Raphael and Michelangelo. While vacationing in Vienna with my husband, I was able to fully appreciate guided tours on the life of Mozart, thanks to CLC classes.

When GED students thank me, or when I see how happy they are at the GED graduation, I feel satisfied. It’s good to earn a salary, but I love the feeling that I have helped improve someone’s life. No one can take that away.