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Occupation:  Police officer

Degree or certificate program at CLC: A.A. in criminal justice, 2010.

Transfer school: Western Illinois University; graduated in 2012 with a B.S. in law enforcement and a minor in homeland security.

Hometown: Wildwood, Ill.

High school: Warren Township High School, 2008.

Interests and hobbies: Working out, participating in charity runs and watching movies.


Charlie Schultz

In my work as an officer for the Dallas Police Department, no two days are the same, and I like the chance to help people. I and my fellow officers are there to serve citizens, one call at a time, and we appreciate the words of encouragement from the public.

The criminal justice professors at CLC were excellent in that they were very straightforward about what they expected. In discussions about controversial issues, they created an atmosphere in which everyone respected differing opinions. Besides the lectures and discussions, the firearms simulator at the Grayslake Campus was a practical way to learn how to respond to a variety of situations. CLC’s courses gave me a solid foundation for transfer to Western Illinois University.

Outside of class, a CLC field study trip to Spain and Portugal allowed me to practice the Spanish I learned in high school. Knowing how to speak the language has made it easier to relate to people in the Dallas area, where I work with a variety of ethnic groups.

After graduating from Western, I returned to CLC, where I spent six years with the CLC Police Department. I gained excellent experience, starting as a dispatcher and later becoming a community service officer. Later, when I joined the Dallas Police Department, I completed an eight-and-a-half month academy to learn practical, technical and legal aspects of the position.

My advice for new CLC students is to make sure you pay attention in class and do the homework. It’s on the student to make the best of his or her college experience. And keep your long-term goal in sight: You can do anything if you’re willing to commit the time and effort.