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Foundation Scholarship Recipients

College of Lake County Foundation

This is your opportunity to change someone’s life.

With your generous support, the CLC Foundation is in the unique position to provide students in Lake County, who would otherwise be unable to afford college, a clear pathway to a brighter, more promising future.

This video features speakers and student testimonials from the 2015 CLC Foundation Scholarship Reception.

Joanna Rolek, Executive Director of the Lake Forest Lake Bluff Chamber of Commerce and past Chair of the CLC Foundation Board, opens the video highlighting the impact scholarships can have on not just the recipient, but their entire family. She shared a recent conversation with a scholarship recipient about how receiving the award made the difference between being able to financially support their family or afford tuition and continue school.

CLC President Dr. Jerry Weber emphasizes the importance of receiving a degree in order to move forward in one’s life. He speaks about how the accomplishment of graduation, and how he is excited to one day shake the hands of the scholarship recipients as they walk across the stage.

Tiffany Pepper, CLC Alumna and Executive Director at JIC Community Development Corp., speaks about her first experience hearing about the CLC Foundation talking with a CLC advisor. She shares how grateful she is that she was able to discover who she was meant to be with the help of teachers that encouraged her, and counselors that supported her, and the CLC Foundation that funded her.

Student testimonials: 2015 scholarship recipients recall their first reaction to receiving the news they received a scholarship, experiences range from excitement, joy, tears and relief. Students share how the scholarship has helped them such as relieving stress, pursuing their dreams, and allowing them to focus on school. Students share their future aspirations which include transferring to four-year colleges and universities and even to professional school. Finally, they share their gratitude to CLC Foundation scholarship donors.