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Program of Study: Sociology

Academic Division: Social Sciences

About the Program

Sociology is the scientific study of social phenomena. Groups and institutions are the main concern of sociologists who utilize the scientific method for their inquiries and studies. Media, religion, racial inequality, subcultures, technology, social control, deviance, popular culture, gender, social institutions and theory are some of sociology's concerns.

When and Why Sociology Starts

Although Auguste Comte is recognized as the founder of modern sociology, there are earlier works by Greek and Muslim scholars which qualify as sociology. Modern sociology begins in its recognizable form as a way to understand the changes of both the French and Industrial Revolutions. Sociology is an especially excellent science for appreciating social change, as its historical origins are based on these concerns.

Abilities Sociology Students Learn

Writing, communication, thinking, application, how to utilize science to study "common sense" understandings, how to study symbolic interaction, listening, statistics and the sociological imagination.

Transfer Degree

The transfer degree is typically completed in two years and provides the foundation for a bachelor’s degree at a 4-year institution.


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