Everyday health & well-being

Wellness is more than a stop on the Living Lab Trail; it is a continuing theme. Take a walk; take a breather. Find a coach or commit to improving your well-being a little bit every day. Even small investments of time can improve our individual and collective health.

In addition to trails on the Grayslake Campus, community members can sign up for the fitness center with an affordable membership. (The fitness center is free for CLC students, staff and faculty.)

At the Southlake Campus in Vernon Hills, you can find low-cost personal training, massage therapy and overall wellness coaching. Advanced students in Health & Wellness Promotion programs provide the services, under close supervision by professionals. At our Lakeshore Campus in Waukegan, the new Student Center is LEED-certified, and the Urban Farm brings fresh flavors and tech to downtown.

Wellness benefits

At CLC: Healthy work life

Employee wellness is so important to the college that it is part of our core values. We encourage individuals to invest time and effort in their wellbeing. This personal attention communicates to employees that they are valued, reduces time lost to illness and injury and enhances performance. It’s a value that ripples out to our students and our neighbors.

In Lake County: Self-care

Between work and family obligations, it can be hard to make time for your personal well-being. Consider a yoga class during your lunch break, take a walk, bike between classes or enjoy a quiet moment of reflection at Willow Lake.

Around the world: Cuisine

Global cultures bring wellness to food in many ways. French cuisine includes rich and satisfying foods, which is compatible with an active lifestyle. Asian cuisine tends to feature many colorful and healthy vegetables. The “slow food” movement reminds us to enjoy planning and preparing meals as well as eating them.