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Male and female adult learners in class at CLC

Adult Learners at CLC

We’re ready with programs and resources to support your journey through self-discovery, academic achievement, career growth and professional development.

You are Welcome Here

We have a diverse community of learners from all walks of life. You'll find peers who are aged 24 and older transforming their lives through education by:

  • Starting college for the first time
  • Returning to complete a degree or certificate
  • Training to return to the workforce or shift careers
  • Pursuing career advancement
  • Earning high school equivalency 
  • Learning English as a Second Language (ESL)
  • Exploring interests for personal growth

Programs for Adult Learners

No matter your age or background, we can connect you to an academic pathway that suits your life and hits your goals.

Be Debt-Free at CLC

There are $1 million in scholarships available for ALL students, including Adult Learners. Earn quality education that costs you little or nothing. Ask about your options and learn more.

We Want You to Succeed

If you’ve been away from school for a while, it can be overwhelming to restart your academic journey. Let our College and Career Navigators (CCNs) walk you through solutions to common adult learner challenges:

  • Academic preparedness: Am I ready for this? 
  • Financial concerns: Can I afford it?
  • Class schedules and locations: When and where do I take classes?
  • Life priorities: What resources are there to help me manage my career and family responsibilities?

Talk to a dedicated College and Career Navigator for Adult Learners who is ready to help you start your journey.

College of Lake County is committed to ALL students.


Have questions about CLC? Need help registering for classes? Have questions about Financial Aid? We're here to help!

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Did you know?

Graduates with associate degrees earn 30% more on average than those with high school diplomas.



Apprenticeships at CLC

An apprenticeship is a structured “Learn and Earn” program that combines job related classroom learning along with a structured on–the-job training guided by a mentor. The goal for College of Lake County's apprenticeship programs is to provide workers with a set of skills that meet the specific needs of local employers using a flexible learning approach.