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A Day in the Life

Experience a high-energy day at CLC in this one-minute video.

Connect to your future at College of Lake County. This is where you’ll set goals to work toward, explore academic interests and achieve accomplishments you never thought were possible.

When you’re comparing schools and making big decisions, here are a few reasons why you should seriously consider CLC.

10 things you’ll get from CLC

1. Real Value

You’ll take the same courses in your first two years of college—whether you’re at CLC or an expensive four-year university. So take your basics, at a fraction of the cost, through quality programs that lead to any degree you might want.

2. Confidence

CLC is where you’ll gain the skills and knowledge to prepare for what’s next in your life—as well as the confidence to make it happen. For example, one study shows CLC graduates who transferred to Northern Illinois University, Southern Illinois University and University of Illinois Urbana Champaign generally did better than the students who started there.

3. Options

You can go anywhere from here. CLC graduates have entered almost every profession. Our alumni have earned bachelor’s and graduate degrees from institutions across the country, including premier ones like Northwestern, the University of Chicago, the University of Illinois and Harvard.

4. An Education

Begin your bachelor's at CLC knowing that our 52 transfer majors are designed to carry your credits to a bachelor’s degree program at a four-year college or university. You’ll also have the guidance and support of CLC counselors so you can plan your path without worrying about hiccups later.

5. A Career

When your goal is to enter the workforce as soon as possible, choose one of our career preparation programs. These two-year degrees and shorter career certificates give you higher earning potential quicker.

6. Direction

If you’re unsure about your goals right now, that’s normal. As many as 80 percent of entering freshmen are undecided about a major, and 50 percent of college students change their minds at least once before settling on a major. At CLC, you can explore your interests and abilities without committing huge tuition dollars. Plus, we’ll guide you with academic advising and career counseling to help you decide what’s right for you.

7. Personal Attention

At CLC, you’ll get small classes with teaching-focused professors. Instead of large lecture halls and teaching assistants who don’t know your name, CLC has a more intimate atmosphere for you to learn. Our average class size is 18 students, and 100 percent of classes are taught by professors.

8. Campus Life

We’re a community college with a real social atmosphere. In between classes, you’ll find plenty to do and see with our full campus experience. We offer dozens of student clubs, intercollegiate sports, cultural and social events, plus unlimited opportunities to learn new things and make friends.

9. Independence

Whether or not you’re living far from home, you’ll still be making decisions that affect where you’re going in life. At CLC, you’ll have the freedom and support to explore. There’s an excitement in going away to school, and students who choose CLC can still have that. You’ll transfer as a junior who has already learned what you want to study and how to be successful in college.

10. Peace of Mind

No one wants to graduate with big debt. And at CLC, you get more education for less money. You’ll get the training, insight and connections to lay the groundwork for whatever you want to do next. For all these reasons and more, CLC is a smart place to build your future.

Starting your next chapter after high school can be intimidating. But if you’re ready for the challenge, CLC is here to help you all the way. Questions? Talk to an enrollment representative.