Living Lab Trail

Green learning, connected

The Living Lab Trail has many functions:

  • A nature trail looping across our Grayslake Campus
  • A guided tour of the sustainability practices that are part of our campus and curriculum
  • A sequence of stops connecting water conservation, biodiversity support and emissions reduction, locally and globally
  • A link for cyclists between Grayslake and the bike trails of the Lake County Forest Preserve

The Living Lab Trail includes a 1.5-mile outdoor loop, with several interconnected shorter loops. There’s also an indoor portion as you move between classes.

The trail is CLC in miniature. CLC serves as a living laboratory, demonstrating sustainability (placing equal value on the environment, economy and human equity), promoting health and wellness, honoring cultural diversity and encouraging global outreach.

The Living Lab Trail also demonstrates how CLC incorporates campus infrastructure and operations into learning opportunities that support education, career development and community benefit.

The trail has no beginning or end. However, the outdoor loop is only open from dawn to dusk.

Living Lab Trail map

Green by intention

CLC is committed to sustainable living, establishing goals and tracking progress for a greener future.

Review CLC's sustainability plan