Celebrate during National Nurses Month

Nursing students Published May 16, 2023

CLC celebrates its nursing education successes for National Nurses Month. From Johnnie Lovelace, who attended CLC in the 1970s, to current students Connie Watts and Amber Wheaton, CLC is an exceptional place for nursing education.

CLC nursing graduates have the same required exams as those with a bachelor's degree from a four-year university.

“Our high-quality hands-on training is the same,” said Director of Nursing Dr. Stephanie Suk. “There are the same boards for nursing whether you finished with an associate or bachelor's.”

CLC nursing students gain hands-on experience working in local hospitals, helping them find their preferred area of nursing. Smaller class sizes at CLC allow for more one-on-one time with instructors. This can be especially helpful for nursing students who are learning so much information in a short time.

“What I liked about the nursing program here was that it was a small community,” Lovelace said. “Sometimes with large groups, you just feel like you're not a part of the team. You feel more at home in a smaller group.”

Since graduating from CLC, Lovelace has worked in just about every area of nursing, from emergency rooms to the ICU, at clinics and in home health. She’s currently the CEO of three assisted living homes in Atlanta.

Before coming to CLC, Watts worked as a paramedic despite coming from a family of nurses. After deciding to make the switch, Watts chose to pursue an education at CLC because of how much others in the area talked about the program.

“When I worked on an ambulance, as I would go and drop off patients at facilities, I would ask nurses where they went to school,” Watts said. “In the Lake County area, I kept hearing CLC.”

CLC also caters to parents like Wheaton, with a daycare center and flexible class schedules.

“CLC has a lot of resources for everyone, including parents,” Wheaton said. “There’s a daycare center downstairs that is open during your class schedule. They also offer the classes at night and during the summer. Things like that show the college is trying to tailor to your needs.”

The theme for National Nurses Month this year is nurse appreciation, and CLC’s students and alumni shared why they think nurses deserve appreciation.

Wheaton said, “I think that nurses deserve to be appreciated because nursing is really a job of caring. So often, they're caring for other people, and they're helping others through tough times.”

Lovelace said, “Nursing is the number-one trusted profession in the world. We do a lot on the front line. We're doing things that help the community, and we love our patients.”

Watts said, “Nurses are important because they're the backbone of the healthcare industry. Nurses do the nitty gritty work. Doctors are in there with patients for only a short bit, while nurses are with them most the time.”