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Communication Studies

About the Program

Communication Studies is a transfer program housed in the Communication Arts, Humanities and Fine Arts division. Transfer programs are for students who plan to continue their education at a four-year college or university to earn a bachelor’s degree. Some students take communication courses to fulfill communication requirements for a transfer degree; others take communication courses as part of a plan to major in communication. Many students also take communication courses as electives.

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Communication Studies Courses

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CMM 123 Dynamics of Small Group Discussion

The study of small groups with an emphasis on decision making and collaborative problem solving. A behavioral approach to group communication that includes leadership, interpersonal relationships, communication barriers, conflict resolution, and adapting to diverse perspectives. Although of general interest, this course should be of special interest to students in business, teaching, or psychology programs.

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CMM 124 Oral Interpretation

Understanding and appreciation of literature through in class oral presentations, both individually and in groups. Students select and perform poetry, short stories, and drama. For students who desire more familiarity with literature and/or students interested in crafting their distinct performance style.

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CMM 125 Communication and Gender

This course explores how gender influences the communications process. Components of male and female, male and male, female and female, interactions and how each affects our ability to communicate across and within the sexes are reviewed. Major theories of gender communication, and practical approaches to communicating more effectively with persons from the other and same genders will also be examined.

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CMM 128 Interviewing Practices

Prepare yourself for the job force by exploring the techniques and skills employers are looking for in a potential employee. Improve fluency, accuracy, and persuasiveness during in-class mock interviews. This class will expose you to different types of interviewing and processes of dyadic communication.

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CMM 111 Communication Skills

This class is structured for students in career programs or individuals interested in improving communication skills. Students are exposed to a variety of interpersonal communication concepts and theories designed to improve communication competence. The focus is on interpersonal communication however, intrapersonal communication is also addressed. Topics include the communication process, cultural influences, verbal and non-verbal messages, relational maintenance, and productive conflict strategies.

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CMM 127 Intercultural Communication

The study of intercultural communication focuses on how culture influences the ways in which one communicates, and how communication is constantly influencing culture. Students of this course will explore the complexities of culture and examine how one’s identity is central to their lived experiences in our diverse society. Intercultural Communication students will also explore topics such as: history, immigration, popular culture and media, identity, race and racism, barriers to intercultural communication, nonverbal and verbal communication across cultures, race privilege, and many more relevant and interesting topics! The study of intercultural communication begins as a journey into another culture and reality, and ends as a journey of self-exploration into our own lives and culture.

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CMM 299 Communicating about Social Justice and Social Impact

A new three credit course that can be used towards degree completion. Students of this course will explore the intersections of Communication and Social Justice, develop social consciousness, and learn how we can be agents of change in their current and future communities and societies. Throughout the course of the semester, we will examine the struggle for social justice that various communities have been actively engaged in within the United States. This course will equip students with the knowledge and skills that are necessary to be inclusive, equitable, and anti-racist communicators. It is also a course that will prepare you to communicate productively and inclusively about social justice in a way that will lead to social impact and positive social change. This course is ideal for anyone and everyone who is pro-human and ideal for students who are at all levels of social justice competency.