Career Advisory Committee

Team up to shape a career-ready local workforce

Career Advisory Committees (CAC) are the driving force that makes sure CLC students graduate with the right skills. By joining a committee, you use your knowledge of specific areas to advise on curriculum improvements, equipment needs and more.

Lake County professionals who participate in a CAC get to know counterparts in their industry, students (aka prospective employees) and their instructors. Ensure the next wave of workers are properly prepared without having to invest in training.

To date, more than 350 businesses and institutions are represented across 37 academic advisory committees.

Take a look at our list of Career Advisory Committees (PDF)

Share your expertise

Email us for more information about CLC’s career advisory committees or to volunteer on a career advisory committee.

What are CACs?

A Career Advisory Committee is a group of stakeholders which may include representatives from local businesses and industry, college administrators, faculty, staff and representatives from transfer institutions.

Committee members advise the institution on the development, implementation and evaluation of Career Technical Education programs to ensure programs are tailored to meet the workforce requirements of the community while addressing student needs.

CLC’s career advisory committees help the College ensure that our curriculum meets workforce needs by:

  • Voicing local industry and employment needs
  • Identifying appropriate workplace knowledge, skills and behaviors needed by program graduates
  • Offering input during program reviews
  • Providing guidance to ensure curriculum is current and relevant
  • Assisting in locating work-based learning experiences and placement opportunities
  • Serving as a liaison between the local Career Technical Education program and the business community

What's your commitment?

Your participation involves attending a minimum of two meetings per year. Generally, committees have their initial meetings during the Fall semester.

Sharpen & support CLC's programs

Arts, Digital Media and Communications

The fusion of creative expression and cutting-edge technology enables compelling storytelling and visual communication across diverse media platforms.

Business, Hospitality, and Information Technology

The synergy of strategy, guest services and tech solutions propels modern industries toward innovation and seamless customer experiences.

Education and Social Sciences

Teach a class, persuade lawmakers, ensure fair hiring practices and support families in need — when you work with people, understanding their needs and motivations is critical.

Humanities, Culture and Global Studies

Exploring the tapestry of human expression, global diversity and cultural interactions offers a broader understanding of our interconnected world.

Legal Studies and Public Safety

Delving into the intricacies of law and safeguarding communities, our programs prepare you for a vital role in ensuring justice and security.

Manufacturing, Engineering and Advanced Technologies

Mastering innovation and precision in the modern industry, our programs equip you with the skills to shape the future of technology and manufacturing.

Science and Math

Unlocking the mysteries of the natural world and harnessing the power of numbers, our programs empower you to explore the universe's secrets and solve complex problems.

Sustainability and Horticulture

Nurturing the environment and cultivating a greener future, our programs guide you in sustainable practices and horticultural excellence.

Wellness and Health Sciences

Prioritizing well-being and healthcare expertise, our programs prepare you for a fulfilling career dedicated to the health and vitality of individuals and communities.