2D Animation Certificate

Career Certificate

Draw, animate and produce memorable characters

Create movement in a two-dimensional space

With a Certificate in 2D Animation, you enter the animation industry with a strong portfolio of work. Add this credential to find employment at ad agencies, motion graphic studios and animation studios that want your expertise.

When you master the technical skills of animation while being creative, Disney Studios, Nickelodeon and Bento Box Entertainment could come looking for you! Develop marketable skills:

  • draw and storyboard
  • make frame-by-frame animation and motion graphics
  • create voiceovers and Foley art in the recording studio

What can you do with a Certificate in 2D Animation?

This certificate prepares you to start work or continue your education in animation, design or related fields.


  • Stackable Credentials

    Earn and learn as you go with stackable credentials.
  • Financial Aid/Scholarships Available

    Based on need and/or achievement. Explore ways to pay for college.
  • Career Certificate

    Earn a career certificate in 1 year or less to refine your skills into an in-demand career.
  • Program Length: 1 Year

    Full-time students finish in 1 year.

Career Outlook

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Recommended Pathway

This pathway serves as a guide for students to complete the degree or certificate assuming full-time enrollment (registered in 12 or more credit hours per semester) with Semester 1 typically representing a Fall term. Students are strongly encouraged to meet with their College and Career Navigator (CCN) to identify coursework that will meet degree requirements based on individual academic goals. For a more inclusive list of course options, see the college catalog.

Icon Key

  • Credit for prior learning available
  • Dual credit options available
  • Global citizenship
  • Online/Virtual options available
  • Course Code Course Title Credits Course Highlights
    CLC 120 2
    DMD 121 3
    DMD 157 3
    DMD 173 3
    ART 124 3
    • Course Code CLC 120
      Course Title
      Credits 2
      Course Highlights
    • Course Code DMD 121
      Course Title
      Credits 3
      Course Highlights
    • Course Code DMD 157
      Course Title
      Credits 3
      Course Highlights
    • Course Code DMD 173
      Course Title
      Credits 3
      Course Highlights
    • Course Code ART 124
      Course Title
      Credits 3
      Course Highlights
  • Course Code Course Title Credits Course Highlights
    DMD 233 3
    ART 149 3
    ART 225 3
    ART 263 3
    • Course Code DMD 233
      Course Title
      Credits 3
      Course Highlights
    • Course Code ART 149
      Course Title
      Credits 3
      Course Highlights
    • Course Code ART 225
      Course Title
      Credits 3
      Course Highlights
    • Course Code ART 263
      Course Title
      Credits 3
      Course Highlights

Total Credit Hours


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