Tuition and Fees

Local & lower cost

Pay less in tuition and fees at CLC! Part of our operating costs are supported by funds from local taxpayers and the state of Illinois, which keeps your costs much lower compared to private schools or public four-year colleges.

Tuition and fees are subject to change through action by the CLC Board of Trustees or by the calculation of out-of-district fees in accordance with the state formula.

Current tuition & fees

Cost of attendance

Here are sample budgets to give you an idea on how much it costs to attend CLC for an entire year as a full-time student based on various living situations. There will be minor variations in these figures based on tuition adjustments or changes in federal guidelines. These basic budget figures are considered to determine financial aid eligibility.

Cost estimator

Current and prospective students and their families can use our cost estimator to approximate their yearly CLC tuition and expenses. Estimated net price after grants and scholarships equals your estimated total cost of attendance minus your estimated total grant aid.

Estimated total cost of attendance includes:

  • estimated tuition and fees
  • estimated room and board charges (rooming accommodations and meals)
  • estimated cost of books and supplies
  • estimated other expenses (personal expenses, transportation, etc.)

Use the cost estimator to compare the net price between different colleges and universities.

Special tuition situations

Payment options

CLC offers several payment options depending on who is paying the bill. Students must pay tuition and fees by the payment deadlines. CLC accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover Card. eCheck payments can be debited from your personal checking or savings account.

  • pay online - student
  • pay online - authorized payer (parent or guardian)
  • payment plan options
  • pay in-person
  • pay by mail
  • third-party payment arrangement

Review the myCLC Payment Guide (PDF)

Working off your tuition & fees

Drop the stress of finding a job on your own. Find internships and apprenticeships that get you on the path to your future career now:

  • student employment
  • internships
  • apprenticeships

Important dates and payment deadlines

Installment payment plan options and deadlines