Explore the examined life

Our philosophy courses invite students to explore wisdom in an applied manner through studying ethical issues such as environmental and medical ethics, fundamental questions about the nature of existence and whether our identities are socially constructed or not. Students are also invited to compare and explore western philosophy with eastern philosophy and religions through Asian philosophy and World religions courses. Our courses are very interactive and incorporate 21st century teaching methods.

Put Philosophy to the test

Philosophy pushes the boundaries of every discipline to explore questions such as:

  • How can we live examined lives and apply this critical thinking to our reality?
  • What is knowledge?
  • How can we live fulfilling and authentic lives?
  • Should non-human animals and the environment be given moral consideration?

Studying complex concepts like these prepares students for the rigors of exams. Philosophy majors have the highest scores on the LSAT and GRE compared to other majors. They also score highly (in the top 4 majors) on the GMAT.


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  • Transfer Degree

    Save on your first 2 years and transfer your credits to the 4-year school of your choice.
  • Program Length: 2 Years

    Full-time students finish in 2 years.

Transfer Degree

For students planning to transfer to a 4-year college or university for a bachelor’s degree.

These programs are built around general education classes that lead to an associate degree designed to transfer to a 4-year school. CLC participates in the Illinois Articulation Initiative (IAI) to ensure that approved courses will transfer to other participating colleges and universities. Transfer degrees typically take 2 years* to complete.

*Assumes full-time enrollment.

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We offer a wide range of courses in ethics, logic, social and political philosophy, world religions, gender and sexuality—and so much more! We also offer honors sections of ethics and introduction to philosophy.

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