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Female supply chain specialist at work

“The coolest thing about a career in supply chain is that we’re still just figuring out what that means. The profession is relatively new. Stitching all of the activities together into a value chain that meets the evolving needs of our customers and consumers is the ‘brave new world’ ”

John Church, EVP Supply Chain at General Mills

Source: SCM World 2015

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Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management is Essential.
Here's Why:

  • The U.S. supply chain contains 37% of all jobs, employing 44 million people.1
  • Experts predict that 50% of manufacturing supply chains will be able to make direct-to-consumption shipments and home delivery by 2020.2
  • 81% of young professionals working in supply chain say that it was the right career choice.3
  • Supply chain professionals with an associate degree reported a median salary of $67,000, which is much higher than the national median salary.4

What is Supply Chain Management?

Supply Chain Management focuses on the flow of materials end-to-end beginning procurement and ending with delivery to the customer.

Why Choose Supply Chain Management Training from CLC?

  • The field is growing, jobs are in demand.
  • Prepare yourself for a career focused on procurement, inventory management, warehousing, distribution, logistics and transportation.
  • Build your knowledge and enhance your skills to advance in your current position.
  • Attain a better understanding of how the business functions that impact the supply chain affect each other and how to manage these to best achieve high efficiency and profitability.

About the Program

Courses are offered in the following formats:

  • Virtual Live: Learn remotely in real time by taking classes that are taught in a live virtual classroom via Zoom during scheduled times.
  • Online: Have flexibility to complete coursework without scheduled meetings while staying actively engaged in a fully online environment.
  • In-person at the Grayslake campus: Keep your degree on track with classes that meet face-to-face, providing you with opportunities to interact in-person with faculty and peers.

Certificate and Degree Options Available

Note: Some Supply Chain Management courses have prerequisites.

Certificate Options

Credit Hours

Introduction to Supply Chain Management

  • Courses can be completed in just two semesters
  • Only five classes

Advanced Supply Chain Management

  • Build on your introductory skills
  • Only five additional classes

Degree Option

Credit Hours

Supply Chain Management A.A.S.

  • Earn an Associate in Applied Science degree in addition to your Supply Chain Management skills

Career Opportunities

With a large portion of the workforce filling supply chain roles, the opportunities in the field are very broad. The coursework prepares students for careers focused on procurement, inventory management, warehousing, distribution, logistics and transportation.

“CLC’s Introduction to Supply Chain Management certificate has helped me be successful in my current role because I now understand the supply chain from end to end. Courses such as Introduction to Office Software provided great practical tools. Additionally, strategic courses such Operations Management and Elements of Supervision provided context in subjects such as diversity and managing teams.

Being able complete the certificate online was critical to my success. As a working adult with family, I was able to connect wherever I was to keep up with the course and submit assignments on time.”

Francisco Aguilar, Project Manager, Grainger, Inc.
Learn more about Grainger's inaugural supply chain management class 

1 Harvard Business Review, March 2018
2 Finances Online, "51 Supply Chain Statistics You Must Know: 2020 Market Share Analysis & Data"
3 Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals 2017 Survey
4 Association for Supply Chain Management, 2020 Salary Survey