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October is Manufacturing Month with gears icon

CLC: Celebrating Lake County Manufacturing

Manufacturing in
Lake County

Lake County is home to over 1,000 manufacturers of all sizes. CLC in collaboration with the Lake County Workforce Ecosystem, manufacturers, educational partners and other workforce entities is pleased to showcase the degree and certificate programs, career opportunities and in-demand jobs available to students, job seekers and the Lake County community.

Things you may not have known about manufacturing in Lake County

  • Lake County is the second largest manufacturing county in Illinois (Based on GDP)
  • Locally, manufacturing employs over 50,700 people in Lake County
  • The manufacturing industry generates $35.7 billion in economic output per year in Lake County
  • Manufacturing contributes more than 27 percent of Lake County’s Gross Domestic Product


Attention Manufacturers!

Need to upskill your employees? Whether it is one or 100, Talent Development Services is your talent management partner. Email or call (847) 543-2990 to learn about the new tools and training options available.

Hire a Lancer!

Connect with a talented pool of candidates. Internship and apprenticeship opportunities are also available. Email or call (847) 543-2059 to learn more.

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