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Connect and succeed with personal enrichment

Personal Enrichment

Our non-credit, non-graded classes are rich with content fun, relaxing and enlightening. We enlist the talents of many widely known instructors who are experts in their subjects and have a way of imparting knowledge and skills that is unmatched.

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Explore Programs for Students in Grades 1-8

Explore Classes and Summer Camps are academic enrichment cleverly disguised as fun.  Most classes are STEAM based – Science-Technology-Engineering-Arts-Math -- and utilize CLC’s vast resources and teaching options. 

The Fast-Paced Gifted Program provides gifted middle school students year-round opportunities for academic enrichment with their Lake County peers. Challenging. Interactive. Fun.

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Engage Programs for Teens in Grades 9-12

Engage programs are STEM-based experiences designed to prepare teens for college and careers.  We offer SAT prep that gets results as well as online classes to improve math and reading.  During the summer, teens can enjoy Career Explorations camps and sample careers before committing to a course of study.

Consider apprenticeships, automotive technology, bio-tech, broadcasting, criminal justice, culinary arts, engineering, innovation, lasers/photonics/optics, healthcare, photography, graphic design and theater arts.  Camps are interactive, hands-on and informative.

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Embark Programs for Young Adults

Embark classes and experiences are designed to impart life skills for a safe, secure and fun transition into adulthood.

Endeavor Programs for Adults

Endeavor classes are interactive experiences that engage the mind and the body.  Consider dance, fitness, creative arts, improv, navigating change, photography and many more topics.  Your mind will have so many options for growth; join us.

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Discover Programs for Adults

Try our immersive learning experiences where you can dive deep into subjects and learn the who, what, when and why about current events, languages, financial management, writing, film, history and literature. Special trip and tours offer a behind the scenes look at unique venues.

Through our Quest Program, you can participate in multi-day experiences where we make new discoveries and have engaging discussions about unique topics.

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