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Understand Humanity to Evolve It

Whether you want to study real human skeletons or learn about human identity through the lens of common connections, an Associate in Arts in Anthropology introduces you to all of these possibilities.

Anthropology is the study of human similarities and differences in all times and in all places. It involves the study of biology, culture and society, language and the influence of the environment.

You learn to observe, question and apply your learnings in forensics, archeology and even the tech industry to expand our understanding of the world.

What can you do with an A.A. in Anthropology?

An Associate in Arts (A.A.) in Anthropology reveals the forces that shape human experience are not about what you find, but what you find out. This investigation can happen in a Central American rainforest, the archives of a museum or a classroom down the street.

With additional education, you can have a career in:

  • academia and research
  • historic preservation and museums
  • international development and aid
  • law  
  • healthcare

Start right away with your associate degree in roles such as:

  • archaeological technician
  • humanitarian aid worker
  • census field representative
  • data entry


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  • Program Length: 2 Years

    Full-time students finish in 2 years.

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Anthropology at CLC

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