Supporting Your Academic Journey

Working with you

Feel confident about your direction.

Achieving your educational and career goals is a journey. CLC works with you to achieve those goals, planning your best path forward.

Work with a College and Career Navigator to help get you started. Then transition to your Academic Success Advisor to map out your classes each semester that get you to where you want to be.

Need help?

Your College & Career Navigator (CCN) is your "go-to person" ready to help you get started at CLC.

Your CCN guides you through the admission process, helps you choose your academic program, enroll in classes and connect you with resources.

Talk to a CCN

Supporting your academic success

Academics are the name of the game at college, and that means everyone on staff at CLC is part of your coaching team.

CLC provides free tutoring services for students. This is just one of the many ways we can help you succeed and reach your goals. Watch the video on YouTube

Technology you can use

In our world, you need to have the tools to succeed. Luckily, CLC has the technology and resources necessary to achieve your academic goals throughout your journey.

  • Photo of Luzbeth Perez

    Luzbeth Perez


    “I accomplished goals I never thought I could in my time at CLC. I earned straight As and became part of the honor society. I started drawing art! CLC is a place where you can succeed in your education.”

    Luzbeth studied Digital Media and Design at CLC. At first she struggled in class but with support from CLC faculty, she graduated magna cum laude.

    Read Luzbeth's story

    Photo of Luzbeth Perez

Why should you choose CLC...

How does CLC help me to afford college?

It’s true! There are many ways for you to earn a debt-free degree or certificate.

How will I balance school with work/life?

CLC focuses on a multi-faceted approach to keep all aspects of your life in equilibrium. We’ll help you make sure you have enough time to do everything you need to tackle in a day.

Who will teach me and where will I learn?

The people and places that make your experience at CLC.

What's it like to be a student at CLC?

On campus or online, there are plenty of ways to get the full college experience.