How does CLC help me to afford college?

Attend a good school for less money

On average, students who enroll for two years at CLC before transferring to complete their bachelor's degree at a university in Illinois could save approximately $30,000 in tuition and fees.

Skip the overcrowded lecture halls. You learn the same material studied at four-year schools, while you receive the personal attention and feedback possible only in classes where you are seen as a name, not a number.

Need help?

A College & Career Navigator (CCN) is ready to answer your questions and assist with your application, academic program selection, class enrollment and connecting you with resources as needed, making your journey at CLC smoother.

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Be debt-free at CLC

It’s true! There are many ways for you to earn a debt-free degree or certificate from the College of Lake County. One in four students were awarded more than $21 million in all other forms of financial aid including scholarships.

Learn more about paying for college

Ways to pay for college

Here’s some of the great ways you could pay for your college expenses.

Capitalize on cost-effective resources

As a CLC student, you automatically gain access to a variety of low-cost and free materials to support your educational journey:

  • Personal tech
  • Free or affordable textbooks
  • Payment plans

Find the support you need to get started efficiently. Progress through your program and graduate faster.

Why should you choose CLC...

Why should I go to college?

The choice to attend college is a big one. What to study, where to go and—wait—is it even worth it?

Am I ready for college?

It’s common to have doubts about going to college. The good news is you don’t have to have it all figured out right now. Just take it one step at a time at CLC.

How will CLC help me to be successful?

Explore the many free ways we support your personal journey, education and well-being.

How will I balance school with work/life?

CLC focuses on a multi-faceted approach to keep all aspects of your life in equilibrium. We’ll help you make sure you have enough time to do everything you need to tackle in a day.